I’ve practiced functional massage and bodywork for over 10 years, I am a certified herbalist and will combine my experience and intuition to create a wellness program that will fit your needs. I grew up around strong nurturing women who empowered me to tap into my healing nature, that paired with my inquisitive mind lead me down this path.

Tapping into my heritage and reclaiming healing techniques of Curanderismo (Mexican healers utilizing earth medicine) my work focuses on empowerment and simple wellness techniques. I’ve used “teas” and herbs since I was a child and watched closely as my elders used food as medicine. My thirst for knowledge and passion for traditional medicine contributed to this childhood fascination becoming my life’s work. I recently traveled to Mexico City and Europe with my best friend, both trips proved to be life altering experiences fueled by curiosity and executed by utilizing every organizational skill I could muster. Visiting ancient places with old traditions stirred my passions and spirit. I realized the old ways are the same as the new with different descriptions.

Encompassing Bodywork, lifestyle choices, nutrition and herbs together we can rebalance you. I offer consultations, in person, via ZOOM chat and combined with treatments as well. You can follow me on social media,subscribe to my newsletter or blog for interesting tidbits. I am a student of life and will continuously add to the repertoire, I’m most interested in learning more about pelvic health and possibly being a doula.

Modern Curandera offers Bodywork with Lifestyle/Wellness consultation in Portland Oregon.I will help you assess imbalances in your life and body by providing helpful tools for you to attain goals. During a consultation we will go over basic information about your day to day and asses where you may be deficient or have excess in regards to sleep, stress, nutrients and/or physical activity. After we determine how these elements affect you, we will formulate a practical plan to begin the journey down the road to a balanced body and life. The bodywork aspect of our appointment will incorporate various modalities that I have honed in my career, I’ll utilize these tools to bring your body physical relief, ease stress and work through holding patterns from lifestyle habits.

*Certified herbalist

*Certified cupping practitioner

*Certified Life coach*** PENDING

Current availability

Sundays 11 am - 7:00 pm By appointment only.


1937 NE broadway Portland OR 97232