Am I getting sick? Or is it allergies?

Have you ever noticed a slight itch in your throat, an unusual bout of fatigue, a bit of a sniffle and thought..” am I getting sick or is it allergies?” I’m here to tell you this is a common occurrence, I’ve had 3 friends in one week say this exact thing to me. What’s not common is knowing what to do about it.

First, lets identify how we feel then see what could have attributed to feeling this way. I like to ask myself two questions in this situation 1) Have I put myself in a position to compromise my immune system? An example of a compromised immune system situation is being undernourished physically, emotionally or nutritionally.

Undernourished physically can mean you usually need 8 hours of sleep but have only gotten 5-6 this week or you had multiple days at the gym doing intense power-lifting and haven’t had a rest day while working 55 hours this week. Basically, running on fumes can take a toll on your immune system.

Undernourished emotionally could be that your pet snake just died and your coping with the loss and vet bills or that you and your partner had a draining fight, emotionally running on fumes can take a toll on your immune system. Being undernourished nutritionally can be skipping broccoli for beer all week or binging on sugary snacks or drinks (which cause an inflammatory response in your body). Which, takes a toll on your immune system.

Are we starting to see a pattern? Our immune system is a delicate system but we have complete control of it. 2) The second question I ask myself Is what has been going on with the weather? Has it been windy? warmer then usual? Have I noticed and new blooms in the neighborhood?

I ask these questions because I know that if its early spring and the Portland weather goes from rainy and gloomy to sunny and 60 I will have to take precautions from the many blooms that happen at once. Taking a look at the weather report can be helpful, as well as checking the pollen count (not all cities have this but for those who do, its very helpful.

Regardless of the answer to these two questions I recommend doing all you can do to boost your immune system! Why? You ask. Well friends our bodies are made up of mechanisms that somehow stay balanced, most of the time, without us paying much attention to it. However, allergens invade our bodies just as a bacteria or virus might and our immune system treats it as such.

And what’s the best offense? A good defense! So, pay attention to your body! If you know you’ve been undernourished in some way, nourish yourself. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, eat something green, ask for a hug. If you’ve had a history with allergies why not do some preventative care with nasal irrigation or adding some eucalyptus to a diffuser.

So there it is, the simplest answer to this looming question is... it doesn’t matter, boost your immune system and you’ll allow your body mechanisms to work most efficiently.