wellness coaching


What is wellness coaching?

Wellness Lifestyle Coaching is all about you living your best life possible. We all have had to struggle, manage, and cope with life’s challenges. I will be the support, soundboard, nurturer to the lost dreamers and the overwhelmed. 

The assistance of a professional Wellness Lifestyle Coach will help you move forward, make improvements, and find a sense of balance. As your Coach, I will assist you with creating a life of balance and empowerment. Together, we will clearly establish what your present lifestyle looks like, assess goals and difficulties. We then will move forward using functional nutrition, herbs and other evidence-based coaching practices to create a plan. Once we have this plan, I will assist your navigation of eliminating the barriers that are making your goals difficult to attain. 

The sustainable lifestyle changes, structure and support will lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and overall well being. I bring unparalleled experience and straightforward techniques. I’m available for coaching in person or via zoom. I believe self care is sustainable and wellness is a lifestyle. We will find your healing path that keeps you on your road to success.

wellness coaching Services


Intro to Wellness 45min

During an Intro wellness session we will go over the goals you have for your well being. We will assess what lifestyle changes can be made,what you're willing to change and I will offer support with functional nutrition, herbal/mineral supplements, lifestyle choices (ie. sleep, exercise,bodywork) to help you attain your goals.


Taking action 60 min

During a Taking action session we will go over the actions you've taken to attain your wellness goals. We will go over your successes and challenges to see if there are other avenues to take to insure that you are on the path to a wellness lifestyle.


Wellness Maintenance 90 min

During a Wellness maintenance session we will celebrate your successes, check in with where you are on your path to a wellness lifestyle, and assess which actions are proving to be the best tools for you to achieve your goals. This will also be the time to reevaluate, look inward and look forward.